Prop-Clear: CSS min-height hack

This is the solution to the perplexing problem of content area overflowing onto footers and su

Prop-Clear: CSS min-height hack

In a nutshell, add this to your CSS style sheet:

.clear { clear:both; height:1px; overflow:hidden; }

… and add <div class="clear"></div> to your HTML:

<div class="contentinnerwrapper">
<?php echo $content_for_layout; ?>
<div class="clear"></div>

Weapons of Mass Destruction Not Found

Weapons of Mass Destruction Not FoundThis was a ‘Google Bomb‘ for the phrase ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction‘ that occurred when you typed it into Google, and clicked ‘I’m feeling lucky!’ For some reason, the search result disappeared from the face of G, but I was able to find it in G Images here. I like the little red link at the bottom… I’d love one of those shirts…