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“Select Disneyland annual passholders received a sneak peek last week of the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage ride. Here is what a few of them said:


Dale Smith, 82, got a pass from Walt Disney himself to attend the Submarine Voyage premiere party back in 1959. Last week, Smith lined up to preview the latest incarnation of the sub ride.

As he waited in his Mickey Mouse shirt and pin-studded lanyard, he tried not to have any expectations of the Finding Nemo version.

I loved it. I thought there’s a lot more to see than the original. It’s better put together, Smith, of Ontario, said after the ride. I liked the other one because it was something new at the time. But this is much further advanced. Walt would have appreciated it.


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Monica BellucciBryant Law, 8, and his 6-year-old brother, Austin, were dazzled by the colorful underwater scenery. They liked how bubbles make it look like you are going down, but you are not. They just weren’t sure how an animated Nemo got into the water.

It looked real, but it’s not, said Austin, of Folsom.

It was made by projectors. I just couldn’t figure out where the projectors are. It could be behind or right behind the window, said Bryant.


Tommy Moreno, 42, and his friends always have a theme when they come to Disneyland three or four times a month. Last week, they dressed up in bright orange, blue and yellow for the new Nemo ride.

Moreno of Lake Elsinore snipped out a picture of Nemo from a little boy’s T-shirt and sewed it on a big boy’s yellow one for his first ride.

I read it wasn’t going to be scary, but it was more scary than I thought, Moreno said. The sound was really good. It gives the effect that you are really diving. I thought it would be almost the same, but to me, it was totally different. This time, it was more vivid and colorful and really kept the theme of the Nemo movie.


Seven-year-old Kendall Moore jumped up and exclaimed, Yeah! That was awesome! as she got off the Finding Nemo ride last week.

Her mother let her skip a day of school to try out the new ride.

I thought it was really cool. It has almost everything in the movie. It really seemed like the real ocean, said Kendall of Lake Forest.

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