WPMU Enterprise plugin

Tomato University

WPMU Enterprise

WPMU-Enterprise allows the site admins to have multi, multi-user blogs on one install of wordpress.


Starting with WP 1.5, many of us had to find a solution to upgrade/manage mutiple sinlge wp blogs. This was solved with the release of wpmu.  From there, many of us then had to figure out a way to upgrade/manage multiple mu blogs.  This is an attempt to solve this problem.


  1. Multiple MU blogs ex. domain1.com, domain2.com, subdomain.domain1.com, etc.
  2. Different site admins for each mu blog.
  3. Different mu blogs are maintained as companies
  4. Each site admin is given it’s own company to manage blogs, sites and users.
  5. Domain name mapping


WPMU 2.6.1


  1. Manage multiple mu-sites with one wordpress install.
  2. Assign site admins to companies and restrict their access to blogs, users.


  1. You have to edit 3 core files.
  2. Can only be used if you are using subdomains.

Download: http://realestatetomato.com/wpmu-enterprise