Remedy Search

Clay avatarWe all know and love Remedy. And the web interface makes things even more clumsy…

But I’ve finally discovered how to write the query which shows all of my unresolved cases:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in
  3. Click ‘Search Cases’
  4. Click ‘Advanced Search’
  5. Type the following into the box on the bottom of the screen and click ‘Search’:

('Assignee' = "Clay Leeds") AND ('Status' < "Resolved")

Of course you’ll want to change “Clay Leeds” to your own name, unless you want to see what’s on my plate…

I recommend the command is formatted exactly like the above, or it won’t work:

  • single quotes around query attributes
  • double quotes around query values
  • ALL CAPS for ‘AND’ boolean

This is handy, so I can pare down my list of tickets.